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Available now: A Sojourners’ Quest, a novelette prequel to the Singing Silver Mine Series. Download here.

Sarah Byrne left everything behind to escape the poverty of her Irish homeland. But will she make a better life in America and find love?

Born into the lower class of Irish society, Sarah Byrne had no dowry, no chance of marrying well, no way of earning a living to rise out of her miry bog. When best friend Mary insists she must emigrate to America to make better than butter and egg money and find a man to marry, Sarah risks her life on a disease-ridden ship to sail across the Atlantic.

But leaving the land and people she loves proves more difficult than Sarah had thought as she combs the streets of New York for a job, and everywhere she turns, the signs read, “No Irish Need Apply.” Her only option: become the nanny for two children of a widowed minister who has accepted a position in the Rocky Mountains. But will Sarah have the strength to cross the Great American Prairie in a covered wagon during the dusty heat of summer? And will her grief-stricken employer ever return the profound feelings she has developed for him?

Find out how and where love blooms in this novelette prequel to the Singing Silver Mine Series, an exciting new Historical Romance that will take you on a journey into our deepest longings for love and contentment.

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Also, please send me a line if you downloaded The Sojourners’ Quest and enjoyed the story. I’m always open to hearing what you think.