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Undaunted Valor -- Donna Wichelman
Undaunted Valor

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Dear Friends,

author pictureWelcome to my home online! I’m delighted you visited and thank you for spending time exploring a little about me and my books.

As an author, I believe I’ve been successful if you, the reader, have been rewarded, impacted, and entertained by the story and characters in my books. For me, the journey is not just about how the characters end up, because we all know that not every character in every story, fictional as well as real, has a happy ending. Some are even tragic heroes. But it’s the spirit of the story, the way in which the characters respond to the ever-increasing stakes that grow and transform them, so that in the end we are moved and, perhaps in some small way, find ourselves changed.

I hope you will look forward with me for what will transpire around the next corner on this journey. I’ll let you know about news, events, interviews, and upcoming books. My blog will give you another peek into the characters and settings of my books, as well as my personal journey as a writer. Turn to the Extras page for photos related to my stories and characters, my current fiction and non-fiction reads, contests and more. I also invite you to ask me questions and make comments about my books, characters, or faith walk on the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.   

Now, please come with me and Discover the Adventure!

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