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Light Out of Darkness
Light Out of Darkness

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Current Reads

  • Linda Seger, Creating Unforgettable Characters
  • Nancy Kress, Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint
  • Blake Snyder, Save the Cat
  • Michael Hyatt, Platform—Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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Current Favorite Reads

  • Louise Penny, The Gamache Detective Series
  • Davis Bunn, The Black Madonna
  • Amanda Cabot, At Bluebonnet Lake
  • Francine Rivers, Mark of the Lion Collection


  • Jerry Sittser, A Grace Revealed
  • C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man
  • Ruth A. Tucker, Walking Away from Faith

Favorite Places

Scenes from Italy depicted in Light Out of Darkness

Small Cove, Varenna
Small Cove, Varenna

Val Pellice near Bobbio Pellice
Val Pellice near Bobbio Pellice

School of the Barba, Pra del Tor
School of the Barba, Pra del Tor

Boat Dock, Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Boat Dock, Villa Cipressi, Varenna

Waldensian Community in Valdese, North Carolina

During the 19th century, a few Waldensians sought to escape persecution in Italy by coming to the New World. In 1893, several families immigrated to the United States, establishing what is now the largest community of Waldensians outside of Italy in Valdese, North Carolina.

Trail of Faith: a Replica of the Church of the Cave in the Angrogna Valley, Italy

From This Day Forward, Outdoor Drama depicting the Waldensian Struggle



My husband and I are foodies, so when we go out for food, we often find places that make authentic ethnic foods or have a reputation for making well-prepared food. We also like to entertain, so when I look for recipes, I try to find interesting exotic recipes (like America’s Test Kitchen’s Moroccan Chicken.) 

Some of My Favorite Celebrity Chefs:

  • Chris Kimball and America’s Test Kitchen
  • Lidia Matticchio Bastianich
  • Hubert Keller
  • Ina Gardner, The Barefoot Contessa

Nonni’s Agnolotti with Butter and Rosemary Sauce

Donna’s favorite dessert: Authentic Italian Gelato or Homemade Ice Cream

  • I admit it. I am a snob when it comes to ice cream, and all my friends know it. When we travel, we always seek out mom and pop homemade ice cream and gelato shops. There is nothing like the rich taste and smooth, elastic texture of an authentically- made Italian gelato. It should not have the consistency of hard ice cream nor contain icy bits. It should be smooth, creamy, elastic and bursting with flavor. For our own homemade ice cream, we make vanilla chocolate chip with shavings of Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars instead of the small-size popular brands of chocolate chips.